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Started Gundogs - Gundog Trainer

Started Gundogs - Gundog Trainer

Gundog Training

We look forward to training your gundog puppy to one of our offered levels of training. In order to provide top-quality gundog training that aligns with our high standards, we currently limit this service only to those who have purchased a Heartwood lab puppy from our kennel.  If you are interested in having your Heartwood Labrador puppy enrolled within one of our gundog training programs please contact us in advance as there are very limited spots available.

Started gun dog training Texas

What is a Started Gun Dog?

A started dog is one of our puppies that has been held back to enter our started gun dog program. A started dog is approximately 9-10 months of age once they complete our level one started gundog regiment (you can see the skills acquired on the website) and is ready for their first hunting season. 

Started Gundogs for Sale

Started gun dogs texas

Gundog Training Level 1

Started Gundog Training - Level 1

Our started gun dogs are trained to the following standards;

  • Basic Obedience - walk at heel on/off lead, recall on whistle, sit on whistle at the line, place, kennel
  • Hold Conditioned
  • Deliver to Hand - bumpers, cold game
  • Basic Lining Skills
  • Basic Marking Skills
  • Formal Introduction to Live Birds 
  • Formal Introduction to Gunfire up to 12 gauge
  • Formal Introduction to Water
  • Steady to Shot
  • Introduction to Hunting Sights, Sounds, and Scenarios (dog blind, decoys, platform stand, calls, ATV)

Upon completion, your started hunting dog will be able to mark and retrieve singles with confidence from land/water with delivery to hand. This level of training will get your dog into the field with the basic skills necessary to be successful in his/her first hunt. However, it is our recommendation that you continue to hone their skills in the blind and help them to be successful on their first hunt by focusing 100% of your time on them and letting others shoot the birds for you. 

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Training British Labs Texas

Gundog Training - Intermediate

Our intermediate gundogs are trained to the following standards;

  • Mark doubles with confidence on land
  • Mark doubles with confidence on water 
  • Ability to be handled left/right/back on land & water
  • Blind retrieves on land & water 
  • Honor other dogs while they work
  • Steady to shot

Upon completion of this level of training your started hunting lab will mark and retrieve doubles with confidence from land/water with delivery to hand, be handled to a blind retrieve on land/water, and honor other dogs.

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Companion Dogs in Texas

Companion Dogs in Texas

Heartwood companion dogs are well suited for those families that want to experience owning a healthy, well-bred Labrador that is obedience trained and ready for the home. 

Our companion dogs are trained to the following standard;

  • Crate Trained
  • Basic Obedience - sit, here, heel
  • Introduction to travel 
  • Socialized
  • Comfortable in family settings

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Training a gundog in Texas

The Gundog Trailer

We provide nothing but the best for our British Labs throughout the training process.